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Caja Jewellery

Caja Jewellery Indah Pyrite Ring Silver

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For the night owls, the stargazers and the dreamers. A tiny piece of glimmer captured from the midnight sky. This Indah Ring holds a delicate pyrite gemstone. Pyrites metallic luster is often mistaken for gold, hence the nickname 'Fool's Gold'.

Pyrite - This mesmerising and unique stone is one of protection, shielding its wearer of negative energies and pollution. It enhances mental stability, energy, and brings good fortune. Pyrite also brings confidence and persistence to carry things through to completion.


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Pyrite responcibly sourced from Mexico
  • Rose cut gemstone
  • Approximate Dimensions: 1.5mm band, 3mm gemstone
  • Hammered texture

All of our jewellery has been ethically handcrafted with love. We use traditional techniques and materials of the highest quality to create pieces that are truly unique. We hope they make you feel beautiful and shine every day.