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Caja Jewellery

Caja Jewellery Indah Pearl Ring | Gold

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Timeless and classic. A natural treasure from under the sea, this
Indah Ring holds a delicate saltwater pearl. Take a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go.

Pearl - These magical gems are formed when tiny grains of sand or stones become trapped inside an oyster's shell. The oyster releases a substance called nacre which over many years and many layers, forms a lustrous pearl. Believed to promote calmness and tranquility, a symbol of complete divine love.

  • 22k Gold Vermeil - A thick plating of gold over sterling silver
  • Saltwater Pearl responsibly sourced from Japan
  • Approximate Dimensions: Band 1.5mm, Gemstone 3mm
  • Hand hammered

All of our jewellery has been ethically handcrafted with love. We use traditional techniques and materials of the highest quality to create pieces that are truly unique. We hope they make you feel beautiful and shine every day.