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Marama Skincare

Marama Skincare Calming Down Body Soap

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Harmonise with your body’s rhythm to promote calmness. This bar is especially created for the bathing ritual to let go of daily stress factors and bring balance to your body and mind. The Kumerahou extract in this bar provides a rich and soft lather.


Product Details

All natural



Release tension and combat the effects of stress by adding pure essential oils to your self-care ritual. This bar contains a calming blend of woody and floral essential oils of Cedarwood, Bergamot, Amyris and Rose Geranium.


Collection Description

Marama is a boutique skincare brand with a mix of aesthetic design and a love for nature. The entire range is built up from high quality, natural ingredients, native to Aotearoa New Zealand and handmade in small batches.