About Us

A collection of socially responsible brands inspired by the coastal lifestyle and people's stories. Here at The Salty Collective, we are deeply passionate about the difference we can make and it's our responsibility as the Founders to work with brands, design our collections and operate our business sustainably

We are a locally rooted brand invested in creating a sense of belonging for our community. Our goal here is to encourage and inspire you, build relationships and make a positive impact in our industry. We believe that human rights should be respected and all working conditions better than adequate. We believe in environmental sustainability and sustainable livelihoods, leaving as small a footprint as we can as a small business. Almost all of our brands we work with are active in the movement of sustainability, using recycled and sustainable materials, providing positive working conditions and positive ethics in their entire supply chain and production process.  

The core of our culture and something we will always remain open about is sharing details and information with you, our community. Our goal is to build relationships, trust and a beautiful community. We constantly share our goals and the behind the scenes of how we operate, who we work with and why, over on our social media channels and blog.
We deeply care about holding onto the beauty of craftsmanship, many of the products you will find here at The Salty Collective are passionately created by the hands of talented artisans. Each piece tells an inspiring story to the world and we are grateful to help share that.