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Second Nature Botanicals

Second Nature Botanicals REFILL of Natural Disinfecting Spray 1L

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Did you know we’ve created this spray to be wipe-free (let me repeat you don’t have to wipe it off, hooray!). The anti-bacterial blend of Manuka, Orange, Cinnamon, Thyme, Eucalyptus & Clove has kick-ass cleaning power and customers says the smell is so good it's “addictive”. 

The Once-Over

100% Natural (like not 99% but 100% with none of the nasties we promise!)
Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, eco-friendly
100% Pure Essential Oils and no Fragrance Oils
Cruelty Free, Vegan, we only test on Humans
Biodegradable, grey tank safe
Hand-made @ The Mount, NZ
Glass Bottles

How to Use

Deodoriser in your bathroom (especially if you have boys!) spray liberally around the toilet and floor.
If someone in your home is sick with a cold or flu, spray around their room as often as you can!
Spritz kids high-chairs / play areas after use (can use with a cloth if you wish).
Spray in the nursery after nappy changes.
Spritzing pet beds and pet areas.
A few spritzes in your hands create a hand-sanitiser (try decanting into a smaller spray bottle that fits in your handbag).

Refill is the new recycle. 1 Litre refill to fill your Natural Disinfecting Spray bottle TWICE over, hooray! Save money ($14!) and the planet!